Globalnet is an educational institution, a limited-liability company that belongs to the non-formal learning system in Poland and mostly operates in the adult learning field.

The company designs develop, implements e-learning products and software, and provides e-learning solutions and services for the business sector and education. GlobalNET’s main products are an e-learning platform Losglobos, Learning Management System LMS, and I-office software, which is an innovative tool accessible to teachers and students.

One of the main Globalnet activities is that the company provides soft skills training, vocational training, consultancy services, and advisory services for youth (NEET), unemployed, people at the risk of social exclusion, young entrepreneurs, and SMEs. Globalnet sp zoo organizes language courses and other vocational training courses, for a variety of groups with different needs: civil servants, police officers, and other professional groups. The company deals with training, developing programs and training materials, implementation of computer systems, designing web pages, e-learning, and e-business. Globalnet has experience of many years of carrying out European Union educational programs, within the framework of which it conducts research, experimental and educational activities, providing pedagogical and methodological support. Teaching and learning languages are Globalnet’s main activities and finding solutions to motivate people to learn by taking advantage of innovative tools and creating incentives such as eLearning and mobile applications.

Globalnet cooperates with youth counselors, vocational advisors, employment brokers, trainers and coaches, language teachers, methodologists, ICT specialists, and psychologist


Solution: Solidarity & Inclusion is an NGO based in Paris carrying out educational activities to promote social cohesion through nonformal education. The objective of the association is to boost social inclusion among young people by proposing several kinds of actions fostering creativity, intercultural dialogue, encouraging democratic participation among groups that are excluded from social dynamics, increasing young people’s soft and hard skills, designing educational programs to open minds and strengthening fair dynamics between generations. Solution focuses on the following areas:

  • Integration of disadvantaged groups in the labor market through activities developing their creativity
  • Entrepreneurship is a professional opportunity for people with fewer opportunities
  • Ecological awareness through innovative tools and ICT
  • Integration of young migrants into the society
  • Women empowerment – Gender equality for everyone
  • Intergenerational dialogue
  • Active citizenship both on European and local levels
  • Promotion of intercultural dialogue through multilingual workshops Solution operates in a multicultural and socially complex environment: in the east of Paris, there are more than 70 different ethnic communities whose younger adults may face economic difficulties, as well as social and labour exclusion. Such groups are often excluded from extra scholar offers, which may help them to acquire new skills enabling a better integration into society. Solution’s mission is to propose to these people non-formal education activities bringing together different publics and stimulating, this way, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue while promoting the acquisition of soft and hard skills useful for professional and social purposes.


Associação Check-IN – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento (Check-IN Association – Cooperation and Development) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2010, based in Beja, also operating in Lisbon, Portugal. It works in close cooperation with public and private entities, actively participating in quality-of-life improvement activities. The NGO mainly focuses on youth and adult mobility, non-formal education, cooperation and development of organizations and individuals, working regularly with other organizations, as well as municipalities, universities, and higher education institutions in Europe and all around the world (developing projects in Brazil, Tanzania, Nepal, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru). The main aims:

  • To promote lifelong learning opportunities
  • To encourage and promote social integration, education for sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship.

To achieve our aims, Check-IN organizes a wide scope of different activities (local and international), which include workshops, seminars, team-building activities, and training courses. The NGO works directly with KA1, KA2, and Sports projects under the Erasmus+ Programme; Europe for Citizens Programme, and Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission, as well as volunteering programs, such as the ones under the European Solidarity Corps Programme (Ex-European Voluntary Service); it is also a Eurodesk Multiplier center in Lisbon and Beja.

The main objective is to empower youngsters to develop their own ideas, be active and have an entrepreneurial spirit, promoting the entrepreneurship spirit and active participation to overcome that. Our youngsters need this kind of activity, not only the ones that we do at the national level but especially international to open their horizons.