The project wants to focus on 2 aspects that are combined. The first is CREATIVITY – creative problem solving, it will facilitate the process of boosting creativity. The second aspect is distance/digital learning which is a must in pandemics and after pandemic times.


THE GOAL OF THE PROJECT is to equip YOUTH teachers and trainers, YOUTH workers, leaders, and educators in partnership countries (and by using e-learning tools in the European Union and worldwide) with tools and knowledge on how to deploy remote learning programmes, using CREATIVITY, CREATIVE TECHNIQUES, and a mix of technologies and how to combine it with relevant and end engaging content, a well-articulated instructional model, effective teaching presence and learner support.

The project goal is to equip target groups with tools to design and facilitate digital and distance(remote) learning, adapt digital competencies, and build the capacity of YOUTH teachers/trainers to implement online teaching and learning by using the special methodology, creative technics, inclusive learning, eLearning.


The main target group of the project is youth trainers, youth workers, young leaders, and educators.  The project aims to empower them with tools to boost youth creativity and directly enhance the youth creativity through creative techniques and support the creative competencies of students and teamwork competence.

The indirect target group of this project is young people who need a new creative approach to education, to everyday life, to have a new idea on how to adapt to the new reality. YOUTH also need a sustainable approach to education, work, and life as they are conscious of the environment and climate change (the research showed that).

To help young people and their teachers/trainers to deal with everyday problems, focus more on sustainability and the environment, to be more innovative and self-develop – creativity is needed.